give&score brings NONPROFITS and young skilled VOLUNTEERS together to help each other. NONPROFITS get important work done while saving time and resources and VOLUNTEERS gain real work experience and credentials which help them succeed in a competitive job market.

Why give&score?

What we do

give&score is an online platform that was created to help volunteers and nonprofits help each other. Volunteers build the hands-on experience and qualifications they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market, and nonprofits work closely with skilled volunteers to complete important projects that they would otherwise lack the time or resources to get done.

So, how does it work? On give&score, nonprofits post short term, professional projects for volunteers to complete. In return for their hard work, volunteers receive valuable feedback and performance reviews from the nonprofit at the end of each project. These ratings and feedback help volunteers improve their abilities and build a comprehensive score that accurately reflects their professional strengths and accomplishments for employers.

Who can participate?

Volunteers: All current college students or recent graduates who are/were registered in a degree program and took their last class within the past 4 years are eligible to volunteer.

Nonprofits: All registered nonprofits (must have a valid EIN number with the IRS) are eligible to post projects and work with volunteers.

How we help you succeed

There are many challenges that young people face when first entering a professional environment. To make this transition easier, give&score doubles as a full project management system that provides all the resources that volunteers and nonprofits need to reach project success. For volunteers, we’ve created a supportive environment that offers advice and tips on how to act professionally and achieve high quality project outcomes. For nonprofits, we’ve created various project templates and management tools that make posting projects, communicating with volunteers, and planning project deadlines easy and efficient.




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