give&score brings NONPROFITS and young skilled VOLUNTEERS together to help each other. NONPROFITS get important work done while saving time and resources and VOLUNTEERS gain real work experience and credentials which help them succeed in a competitive job market.

Do good. Get hired.

It’s not easy to be a new graduate in today’s world. With hundreds of people applying for the same jobs using resumes that all look alike, getting a job you love can be an uphill climb – especially if you don’t have the experience employers are looking for.

We created give&score to give talented, motivated, and dedicated college students and recent grads the opportunity to build the experience and credentials necessary to stand out amongst your peers. A place where you can work hard to improve your skills, and gain real rewards that will help you get the jobs you want. By working with nonprofits to complete important professional projects, you’ll also make a difference in the process.

What do I gain by volunteering?

In addition to using your talents for good and helping nonprofits in need with essential projects that they otherwise couldn’t get done, give&score projects allow you to:

  • Get real, hands-on experience working one-on-one with a project manager in a professional environment
  • Practice and grow important skills that you’ll need to succeed in any field
  • Fill your portfolio with publishable project outcomes that employers want to see (all projects are between 10 and 100 hours in length)
  • Complete projects in areas such as writing, marketing, public relations, graphic design, fundraising, website design, accounting, professional research, and more on your own time, from your own laptop
  • Gain qualitative and quantitative proof of your successes and professional abilities for employers
  • And, most importantly, get hired for the jobs you want and deserve

Building Your Score

At the end of each project, your nonprofit project manager is required to provide honest, constructive feedback and performance ratings reflecting what it was like to work with you. You’ll receive feedback in areas that employers value, such as your quality of work, reliability, quality of communications, and presentation. Over time, your feedback and ratings from multiple projects are averaged into an overall “score sheet” that becomes a comprehensive indicator of your strengths, areas of improvement, and professional competence. This score sheet is a distinguishing reference that shows future employers what you’re capable of and what your project managers have said about you; it provides certainty that you’re the best candidate available.

The Rewards

Like the real world, give&score is a competitive environment. The difference is, give&score is also a supportive learning environment that was built for your success. Every step of the give&score project experience is meant to help prepare you for your job search and career so that you can emerge from give&score with a strong score sheet in hand, ready to thrive at in your chosen field.


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