give&score brings NONPROFITS and young skilled VOLUNTEERS together to help each other. NONPROFITS get important work done while saving time and resources and VOLUNTEERS gain real work experience and credentials which help them succeed in a competitive job market.

A small contribution is enough to keep give&score going

When setting up give&score, we almost established it as a nonprofit organization. The reason we decided to be a for-profit organization isn’t because we’re particularly greedy, but because we realized that our service of connecting nonprofits and volunteers together only works well if it’s delivered in a consistent and reliable way. One of our main goals is to guarantee that we’re always able to provide the nonprofit organizations and volunteers using our site with the support and resources necessary to achieve successful outcomes for their projects. To make this happen, we charge a small per/project fee for every project hosted on give&score.

Your project fees help us keep the lights on at give&score and allow us to maintain the best possible staff to support your projects. We design templates for every project we offer, build a knowledgebase with resources for each project, monitor projects and support them if something goes wrong, and update our system to ensure that it’s easy to use, stable, and secure. This small fee allows us to keep doing these things in a dependable way. It also helps us keep our site free of annoying ads and lets us have very user-friendly privacy policies.

Keep reading to learn more about how project fees work and how you can get projects donated to your organization.

Three project tiers

give&score makes things simple. Your first project is free, then we ask that you commit to a small project fee. We have 3 project tiers, which are determined based on the amount of effort our team spends overseeing and supporting these projects: $20 for small projects (20 hours or less), $40 for medium projects (20-50 hours), and $80 for large projects (50-100 hours).

Here are a few examples:

$20 - small projects$40 - medium projects$80 - large projectsSmall projects (less than 20 hours)These projects are done quickly, and are sometimes no less important than the big stuff. A small sized project might involve designing a small graphic, updating basic content on your website, writing short PR texts, editing/proofreading pages of a professional document, or other short term tasks.Medium-sized projects (20-50 hours)With volunteers working on a project for 20-50 hours, you can get a lot done. Medium sized projects might include writing a grant proposal, researching and building a grant fundraising plan, designing a logo or brochure, creating a press folder for your organization, or designing a new small website.Large projects (50-100 hours)With this amount of time spent working, quite a lot can be accomplished. Need to do market research? Develop a project plan for a new initiative? Get your entire organization rebranded? Design a large website from scratch? That's what you’ll find in this category.

We also offer discounts when projects are purchased in bundles.

Payment terms

We try to keep things easy. Here's a quick breakdown of how payments work:

1. When posting a project, you pay the respective fee using PayPal or a credit card

2. You select a volunteer and get to work

3. If you don't find a volunteer or a project isn't completed to your satisfaction, you get your money back and are able to re-post the project

Receive project donations!

With give&score comes an exciting new way for people to support your organization and its work by donating projects to you. You can have projects donated in 2 ways: You can add a “donate give&score projects” button to your website (login to create a code for this) or be featured on our “Featured nonprofits” page. All participating nonprofits are entitled to be featured on our website. As a featured nonprofit, we’ll tell people what your organization is all about and allow them to donate projects to you.


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