give&score brings NONPROFITS and young skilled VOLUNTEERS together to help each other. NONPROFITS get important work done while saving time and resources and VOLUNTEERS gain real work experience and credentials which help them succeed in a competitive job market.

Connect with skilled volunteers. Get work done.

There’s always work to be done, but finding the funding and skilled hands that are needed to complete this work can be difficult. On give&score, we make finding qualified volunteers and getting important work done easy and efficient so that you can make a bigger impact while expending fewer resources.

With the help of the educated, talented, and motivated volunteers on our site, you can quickly and easily receive high quality work in any of our many project categories – grant writing and fundraising, graphic design, marketing, public relations, creative writing, website design, professional research, accounting, and more. As the project manager of these projects, you help to ensure that the work you receive is produced specifically to meet your organization’s needs.

Why should I post my projects on give&score?

Coming from the nonprofit world ourselves, we looked closely at the needs of nonprofits when building give&score to help us create a simple but comprehensive workspace where you can complete essential tasks on your to-do list. Here are the benefits of posting a project on our site:

  • Convenience - give&score projects are short term (ranging from 20-100 hours in length) and are completed remotely, allowing you to work on projects anywhere and at any time.
  • Access to Volunteers across the Country - Upon joining give&score, you gain access to our vast database of recently graduated volunteers. Because all projects are completed online, you’re able to utilize the skills and talents of volunteers across the country.
  • Project Management Guidance – give&score is a full project management platform that guides you through posting projects, choosing a volunteer, communicating with volunteers, revising work, planning your project timeline, and solving any problems that might arise with your project. We even send you reminders when your project needs attention.
  • Maximize your time and resources – Our project fees are small enough that even the smallest nonprofit can afford to post projects.
  • Project Support – give&score’s workspace is a supportive environment with helpful texts and resources to guide you through projects and to help you better work with volunteers. Should you need us, our team is here to provide assistance.

How do my projects benefit college student/recent graduate volunteers?

By doing projects on give&score, you give unemployed or underemployed young people a chance to expand their resumes and gain the professional experience needed to succeed in today’s job market. At the end of each project, you’ll be asked to provide honest, constructive feedback on your experiences working with the volunteer and to rate his/her skills and abilities on a scale. These ratings then comprise a “score sheet” and become quantitative proof of the graduate’s competence and successes. By working with volunteers, and later scoring them, you help teach students valuable lessons about what it’s like to work in a professional environment and increase their chances of getting hired.


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