give&score brings NONPROFITS and young skilled VOLUNTEERS together to help each other. NONPROFITS get important work done while saving time and resources and VOLUNTEERS gain real work experience and credentials which help them succeed in a competitive job market.

give&score is…

A professional environment

While give&score is a learning environment, where we provide resources to help you be successful in the projects you work on, give&score is also an environment where professionalism and high quality work are expected at all times.

A merit-based system

In a merit-based system, what you receive at the end of a project depends on the quality of work and the performance that you put into it. This means that if you do a great job, you will be greatly rewarded with high scores and positive feedback. If you do a poor job, your scores and feedback will reflect it. In this way, we strive to create an environment that is just like those you will encounter at any real job.


Although give&score is a meritocracy, it is also forgiving of bad scores. We provide multiple ways to reset and work off low scores so that you are not permanently affected by one or two negative experiences.


give&score is not…

A nonprofit-volunteer “matching” site

While we do create a space for nonprofits to post projects for and interact with volunteers, we do not directly oversee every project, nor do we actively connect individual nonprofits and volunteers together. It is up to volunteers to successfully market themselves to nonprofits when applying for projects. It is up to nonprofits to look through the applications they receive and to choose the volunteer they believe to be the most qualified applicant.

Easy and effortless

Because many of the projects on our site are professional projects that entry level students would not always be given the opportunity to complete, they will be challenging, and will require you to do your best work. Luckily, give&score is structured to help you succeed. We have dozens of help texts and how-to’s to guide you through your work. We also ensure that you are qualified to complete any project you apply for, by requiring you to take a short, multiple-choice test on a subject matter before you can start working on its coinciding projects.

Free recruitment for nonprofits

While give&score is meant to help nonprofits complete professional projects that they would otherwise be incapable of finishing, it is not a place where nonprofits can recruit volunteers for busy work or repetitive tasks. Although you are working as a volunteer, each project you work on will provide rewarding payoffs in the form of valuable work experience and honest scores/feedback.

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